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20 Tips for Reducing Asthma Attacks

As anyone with asthma knows, when an attack hits you it can be extremely frightening. Your throat constricts, your chest feels tighter, you have difficulty taking a breath and it feels like you are slowing suffocating. This is a scary ordeal for both the asthmatic and anyone who provides support to them for the duration of the attack.

The following 20 tips to reduce or eliminate asthma attacks can let you stay healthy and breathe easy:

1. Avoid smoking.

2. Avoid people who smoke.

3. Stay away from wood fires (campfires, fireplaces, or wood-burning stoves).

4. Stay inside as much as possible when it’s cold outside.

5. Limit or eliminate your salt intake.

6. Drink coffee, especially if you feel an attack starting.

7. Use non-aspirin pain relievers.

8. Drier climates may not be better for your condition; some dry climates have an abundance of airborne irritants.

9. Do not use a vehicle or home A/C that cools outside air (that can bring in pollutants). Set it for a recirculating setting.

10. Monitor your diet. Some foods trigger asthma attacks, so learn what does for you and avoid those items.

11. Make sure you are using your inhaler correctly.

12. Vitamin B6 can reduce the severity of asthma attacks, so take it regularly in moderation (too much B6 can be toxic).

13. Get a flu vaccination every year, as the flue virus can make attacks worse.

14. Some fragrances (perfumes, cologne, air fresheners) can set off an asthma attack, so try to limit your exposure to those that seem to increase symptoms.

15. Keep your home and office as dust-free as possible.

16. Get rid of any mold in your home immediately. Not only can mold be deadly, it also contributes to asthma attacks.

17. Keep your home cockroach free (even the cleanest homes can have cockroaches!).

18. Try to limit your exposure to pet dander.

19. Avoid chemicals and cleaning agents that have strong odors.

20. Avoid physical exertion that leaves you breathing heavily or gasping for breath.

About Dana Neal

Dana Neal is the Owner of Horizon Ambulance, which provides fast, trustworthy and safe ambulance services in Orange County, CA. Dana started Horizon Ambulance with three friends, all of whom are committed to being the best choice for BLS medical transport in the area. She is an experienced medical professional who is dedicated to helping every patient she meets.

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